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Junk Jamboree

Hooray! We kicked off our “Summer of Making” this week with a family night workshop. Using reclaimed wood and old junk, participants worked together to create beautiful decorative signs.


One highlight for many participants was getting to use the drills! It was lots of kiddos’ first time using a power tool and they loved it.



The end results were really fun. I hope everyone enjoys their new quirky, one-of-a-kind decorations:






Maker Project: Catapult!


Guess what I did today! That’s right. I made a catapult. This is a rope torsion catapult, so the potential energy it needs to fire a projectile is stored in 4 lengths of rope twisted around the fulcrum of the throwing arm.

Catapult Closeup

This is really cool because it’s totally adjustable; crank the rope handles around another time and the catapult becomes more highly powered.